Robert Patterson

Tony Patterson has been a IT professional for over 35 years and from time to time has been co-owner/co-manager of a night club, an animal rights activist, a motorcyclist, a kayaker, a blogger and a comic book collector. But always a photographer...

He currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife, artist Jeannette Johnson.

"Whether it was the old Kodak my parents had when I was a child, the Ricoh rangefinder that I won from a radio station in Atlanta (be the fifteenth caller...!) or the Canon SLR that I was given as a college graduation gift, I have spent much of my life capturing the world that I've experienced through a camera lens. Many people believe that creates a distance between the viewer and the viewed, but in fact I find it allows much more intimacy and a level of detailed understanding that is difficult to achieve in other ways."

"Most of the photos for this collection were chosen to provide a different point of view for some very familiar locations and objects. Through choice of vantage points and focus on particular aspects, I hope to show the viewer something new about objects that they've probably stopped giving much thought to. The focus of these works is on the camera and the eye as the artist's tools, rather than computer or dark room post-production - as such, they are presented just as they were visualized through the lens."

You can contact him at or write on his wall on Facebook at the Tony Patterson / Photography fan page.
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